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Home of Oraison, the software application that turns any multi-touch tablet or laptop into a musical instrument or a control interface for digital arts.

You can find videos and product information about Oraison in the products section.


Version 1.1 of Oraison is out!

New version of Oraison is out + first release of OraisonLight. Read more here .

Oraison for iPad

Oraison for iPad is available now in the iTunes store. Click here to read more.

Version 1.0.6 Released

Version 1.0.6 is out with improved graphics and an extended beta period. Click here to read more.


Using OSC Messages

Pic 1
Click here to see a screencast on how to configure Oraison to send out OSC messages to other applications.

Step Sequencing

Pic 2
Click here to see a screencast on how to use Oraison's step sequencer to send out MIDI messages to external synthesizers.


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