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Oraison is a music software application that allows you to use a multi-touch screen as a control interface for software synthesizers, audio effects, digital audio workstations, and other applications. Oraison enables you to create interfaces using its library of buttons, sliders, and other components and to configure these components to send out MIDI or OSC messages whenever and however you think best.

Oraison was developed primarily to be used with Windows 7 computers with multi-touch screens. Although Oraison does run on Mac OS X, Apple has not yet released a multi-touch Mac laptop or desktop. And the Mac version was developed primarily so that Mac users can evaluate the software and decide whether they would like to buy a Windows 7 multi-touch computer for use with Oraison. Nowadays, you can buy a multi-touch laptop such as a Dell Studio 17 capable of recognizing five fingers simultaneously for less than $1000, and if you install Oraison on it, you then have a complete multi-touch controller for about a quarter of the price of the custom multi-touch controllers being sold by other vendors.

Component Library

Oraison's library of visual components currently includes buttons, sliders, dials, xy pads, keyboards, multi-sliders, sequencers, and labels. The components are highly configurable. Every component allows you to change its colors. Most components also allow you to control their appearance by assigning them foreground and background images. Furthermore, many components allow you to control aspects of their behavior. Buttons and keys for example can be configured to behave like either switches or push buttons.

Here is a screenshot of the current set of visual components with their default colors:


You can further control the behavior of components by configuring them to send out different types of messages; this is done by assigning them actions. Oraison currently has actions for sending out MIDI notes and continuous control messages, OSC messages, and messages to other components. You can, furthermore, configure when these actions are executed. For instance with regards to buttons, although in most cases you would probably want to execute an action whenever you press the button, there are some cases where you might want to execute the action whenever you release the button or whenever you move your finger around in the button. Fortunately, each action let's you specify under which conditions it is executed, which should allow you to use Oraison in ways that we never imagined.


Oraison is built upon a plugin architecture, and it is possible to extend Oraison as well with visual components or actions that have been developed by yourself or others. Currently, we support plug-ins written in C/C++, but we are planning to add support for Java plug-ins as well in the near future. Please contact us if you would like more information about the plugin API.